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Available Services

Comprehensive Assessment

Substance Use 

This Chemical Health assessment provides access to and funding for substance use disorder treatment, assessment generally takes 1 to 2 hours interview time. 

Lifestyle Coaching Plan Package

The Lifestyle Coaching plan package is offered at a discount for a one time introductory offer - almost 50% off. The plan includes 6 sessions per month for 3 months, unlimited messaging and emails, access to resources and online materials tailored for your needs.

Mental Health-Diagnostic Assessment

A Diagnostic assessment is a clinical evaluation provided by a licensed professional in order to gather information to determine appropriate treatment based on the initial problem, current mental status and diagnostic impression.

Family Group Decision Making

Family Group Decision Making (FGDM) - Partnering and networking with families and child welfare agencies, fostering engagement to create a safe and stable foundation on behalf of children so their best interests are met in a transparent and collaborative way.  Service offered online or alternative locations requested at time of intake.

Individual Coaching - Mental Wellness

Mental Wellness Coaching - Individual sessions to address defined life areas of challenges and strengths, define goals and desired outcomes. Online or by telephone, licensed and trained staff will provide insight and direction to help you achieve your best life!

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